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Write For YSF Magazine

YSF Magazine is a digital magazine for startups, presenting small business news and informing on entrepreneurship culture. The website is intended for startup and developed companies. It gathers successful entrepreneurs, leaders in global business, innovators and academic researchers and writers with the aim to deliver a new perspective on the world of modern entrepreneurship culture. YSF Magazine focuses on tips, strategies, technologies, tools, and processes which can be useful to small business owners who want to start smart and build profitable companies. The magazine serves fresh know- how an authentic, reliable, and comprehensive coverage from the most trusted sources in small business.

Content Guidelines:

YSF Magazine welcomes contribution articles. Following guidelines are given:

  1. An article should have 500 to 1000 words.
  2. All content submissions should be directed to entrepreneurs, small business owners, founders and CEO's.
  3. The magazine prefers articles which are well-researched, smart and provocative.
  4. The magazine welcomes advice that their readers could utilize.
  5. The articles should also both inform and entertain.
  6. Various writing styles are welcomed (strong point view is preferred).
  7. Writers are asked to get themselves acquainted with content of previously published articles.
  8. Content must be original.
  9. The magazine does not favour press releases.
  10. Writers are encouraged to ad videos and images.
  11. Every guest article should include: entire guest post submission, headshot of the writer and a brief bio (it is allowed to add a link to author’s company, blog, website or social media)
  12. Hyperlinks should be avoided.
  13. The magazine retains the right to the contribution articles.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. International small business
  2. Startups
  3. Happening in small business community
  4. Small business culture
  5. Usable advice for entrepreneurs

Submission Process:

Guest writers should first register (https://yfsmedia.submittable.com/submit/18886/guest-contributors). The content is submitted in HTML format. Response time is not defined.


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