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Write For Your Tango

Your Tango is a prominent online magazine concerned with love and relationships. The mission is to help people love the best way possible. At Your Tango, they say that people will feel happier and have a bigger sense of belonging when they connect on a more meaningful level. As many research proved- people are emotionally and biologically structured for connection. Your Tango presents highly relatable and emotionally bold content focused on what is happening in readers’ minds and hearts. Women are helped to feel less lonely and more confident by revealing their inner concerns and fears. Affirming stories, mindful opinions, actionable advice and funny perspectives are published here, all with the aim to develop a strong platform where readers and contributors can connect and engage. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles should have 500-1200 words.
  2. Articles should be related to the topics given below, or to any other topic affecting the topics listed.
  3. Writers can send stories, opinions, expert advice or lists.
  4. The tone should be smart, realistic and playful.
  5. Writers are asked to read articles previously published on this website.
  6. Content should be original.
  7. Writers are asked to send their resume or bio.
  8. Links to previous writings, if any, should also be delivered.

Topic Guidelines: 

  1. Love
  2. Dating
  3. Marriage
  4. Divorce
  5. Parenting
  6. Mental health
  7. Sex

Submission Process:

Writes are asked to send a pitch to andreaz@yourtango.com with word “Pitch” written in the subject. Response period is not defined.


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