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Write For The Verge

The Verge is a multimedia platform founded in April 2011. It is a part of Vox Media family. The mission of The Verge is to offer breaking news and researched reports on art, culture, technology, and science. This website examines in detail impact of technology in our everyday lives as well as how it will change the life in future. At the beginning, editorial idea was to inform on how technology has migrated from the margins of culture to its absolute core since mobile technology has created a generation of digital consumers. In general, The Verge publishes reviews and provides actionable, fresh and up-to-date information on technology, science, and culture.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Writers are recommended to get acquainted with material previously published on this website.
  2. Reported stories are preferred.
  3. Stories should be informative and offer the readers something new.
  4. Most successful stories are of a clear angle; reporting represents a foundation of a wider insight.
  5. Stories informing on how technology intersects with health, politics, culture, business and other areas are more than welcomed.
  6. Opinion pieces and personal reactions to news will not be accepted.
  7. Pitches should clearly reflect the story the writer intends to submit.
  8. Writers should have a deep knowledge of the topic
  9. Writers should include a brief description of themselves and link to their previous work.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Science (research, health technology, space exploration, climate change)
  2. Transportation (science, technology and culture of transportation)
  3. Culture (impact of technology on pop culture)
  4. Technology (systems and devices that shape the world)

Submission Process: 

Pitches are to be sent to pitches@theverge.com. Following addresses are provided for pitches in these respective categories:

elizabeth.lopatto@theverge.com- science

culturepitches@theverge.com- culture

Response period is few weeks. If no response has been received, writers are asked to follow up or resubmit.


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