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Write For The Sociable

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The Sociable is a website publishing news on novelties in the social side of technology. In terms of topics it covers, this website is positioned at the intersection of social media and technology. The Sociable is interested in the social impact of enterprises, startups, non-government organizations and government bodies. This website was founded by Darren McCarra and Piers Scott in 2010 and has quickly become one of the most frequently visited technology related websites in Ireland. The Sociable was declared Best Technology Site for 2012 by Irish Web Awards and Best Technology Blog in 2013 by Blog Awards Ireland. At the time, a team of team of professional journalists living across the globe is preparing the publication.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles should have 300-1500 words.
  2. Content should be divided into paragraphs.
  3. Links can be included.
  4. Images, maps, tweets, and videos are welcomed in the submission.
  5. Articles should provide useful information or tips.
  6. Excessive promotion should be avoided.
  7. Writers should deliver a biography, link to their social media profile and a headshot.
  8. Writers are asked to be transparent.
  9. Content must be unique.
  10. Content must be related to technology and media.
  11. Articles may be subject to editing.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. SEO
  2. Technology
  3. Media

Submission Process: 

Writers are asked to contact Sociable at info@sociable.com. Response time is not defined.


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