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Write For The Humanist

The Humanist is a website publishing daily news. It was founded in 2014 and is owned by American Humanist Association. The Humanist is an online hub for culture, news, politics and science, all from a humanist perspective. It serves as a website of general interest, targeted at humanists, secularists, religious progressives, atheists and non-religious people. The Humanist in printed form was founded in 1927 as New Humanist Magazine. It covered everything from religion to science, over politics and pop culture. Ever since, this magazine, both in printed and digital version, has been challenging the readers with insightful articles on central topics of our time.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Writers are recommended to familiarize themselves with the material the magazine generally publishes.
  2. The previously published material will be taken into consideration if it appeared in a low circulation and non-competing publication.
  3. Articles should have 1500-3000 words.
  4. Book reviews are 700-1200 words long.
  5. Editorials count 500-1500 words.
  6. Humour, poetry, and fiction are also taken into consideration.
  7. Photos submitted with the manuscript should have a high resolution.
  8. All submissions must be followed by contact information and biographic statement.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Areas of political, social and personal concern
  2. Books
  3. Film
  4. Culture
  5. News
  6. Theatre
  7. Poetry
  8. Fiction
  9. Reviews

Submission Process:

Submissions should be sent to editor@thehumanist.org. Response period is not defined.


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