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Write For The Escapist

The Escapist is an entertainment website and a magazine covering the latest news in digital entertainment. It was launched in 2005 with a mission to provide to its reader's high-quality journalism and coverage of games and interactive media and the culture arising out and resting behind them. This magazine is, thus, primarily focused on video gaming, movies, tv, comics and science, and technology. The magazine is characterized by progressive style and is famous for its columns and articles are written by most prominent authors in the industry. The aim of The Escapist is to collect information and to promote gaming lifestyle and respective highly diversified culture, all through well-researched features, thought-provoking articles, and relevant columns.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Writers can send feature opinions, reviews or previews.
  2. Feature opinions include articles, comics, videos, and essays.
  3. Reviews must aim to explore values or merits of respective product or experience.
  4. Preview explores a product prior to its release.
  5. Pitches should have 100-200 words.
  6. Writers must deliver their name, email and a short biography.
  7. Content must be written in American English.
  8. Submissions must be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  9. Images and screenshots are welcomed.
  10. Content will be subject to editing.

Topic Guidelines

  1. Video games
  2. Movies and TV
  3. Comics and cosplay
  4. Tabletop
  5. Science and technology

Submission Process:

Article pitches (not finished articles or videos) are to be sent to escsubmissions@outlook.com. Words “Pitch” or “Escapist Pitch” should be included in the subject. Response period is not defined.


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