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Write For The Diplomat

The Diplomat is a political and social magazine focused on events which occur in Asia and worldwide. It was founded in 2002 and has grown to reach an international and influential audience of those who comment and make policies in the region. The Diplomat Magazine applies an in-depth approach to the topics covered and is mainly focused on regional issues. It deals with global affairs having an impact on Asia-Pacific region. The Diplomat Magazine is published exclusively online and aims to provide expert coverage of geopolitical trends in Asia, environment, and human society. Also, the magazine publishes fresh and updated information on arts, social trends, and popular culture.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content can be in form of original reporting and analysis.
  2. Commentaries will also be taken into consideration.
  3. Articles should deal with Asia-Pacific region.
  4. Blog posts should have 400-800 words.
  5. Articles have minimum 1200 words.
  6. Submissions should be delivered in Word format.
  7. Use of links to reliable sources is encouraged.
  8. Writers should inform if the article has been published anywhere else.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Geopolitical trends
  2. Defence and intelligence
  3. Environment
  4. Human society and development
  5. Arts
  6. Social trends
  7. Popular culture

Submission Process: 

Articles or pitches should be sent using the form available at https://thediplomat.com/write-for-us. Response period is three days. If no response is received, writers are free to submit their articles elsewhere.


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