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Write For The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a magazine operating as a multi-platform publisher. It was founded in 1857 and has been shaping American national debate on business, politics, foreign affairs and culture ever since. The Atlantic was launched as a cultural magazine, publishing literary comments, but has evolved to become one of the most influential magazines, generally speaking. It gained its credibility and reputation by publishing recognized writers and poets and by encouraging mayor careers. Today, The Atlantic is known for its politically moderate viewpoint in reporting. It has more than 450 000 subscribed readers and is being published 10 times in a year.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Strong arguments and analysis are welcomed.
  2. Content should reflect the manner in which topics listed relate to life.
  3. Content should reflect a thoughtful critic or rigid analysis.
  4. Writers can also send a review of a book/film/TV show exploring trends in culture.
  5. Content depicting issues of race and gender is also welcomed.
  6. Writers are also asked to send a re-evaluation of forgotten or misunderstood works.
  7. Deep researchers large cultural phenomena will also be accepted.
  8. The Atlantic aims for diversified voices- minorities, women, people of colour, and writers of different geographic and educational background.

Topic Guidelines: 

The Atlantic asks for articles dealing with less obvious angles of:

  1. Film
  2. Books
  3. Television
  4. Music
  5. Theatre
  6. Art
  7. Design
  8. Media
  9. Fashion
  10. Architecture
  11. Language
  12. Food
  13. Sports

Submission Process:

Writers should send a clear pitch to entertainment@theatlantic.com. Response period is 7 days. If no response has been received in that period, writers are asked to follow up.


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