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Write For TechRotation

TechRotation is an encompassing technology guide that covers laptop and desktop computers, headphones, musical instruments, projectors and more. The website also provides reviews of various accessories, cameras, computers headphones etc. TechRotation includes “how to fix” articles, mainly related to Windows issues as well as stories on music equipment with respective comparisons. Many articles provide comparisons of various types of technological equipment per price, use etc. informing on which device is the best one within particular price range, which equipment bests suits needs of individual users (monitors for gamers or programmers and similar).

Content Guidelines:

  1. The content must be unique.
  2. The content is subject to editing.
  3. Word number is not strictly defined. However, article with less than 250 words will not be published.
  4. Links in the content are not forbidden but need to be appropriate.
  5. The content will be deleted if it is published elsewhere after being published on TechRotation.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Computers
  2. Headphones
  3. Technology in music
  4. Technology startups
  5. Apps
  6. Smartphones
  7. Innovations
  8. Software
  9. Hardware
  10. Technology

Submission Process:

Authors are asked first to get in touch with TechRotation team through Contact Us form available on http://www.techrotation.com/write-for-us-technology-article-and-your-startups-and-apps/  and inform on his/her name, website information and the topic the author intends to write about. Further procedure is not described in detail. Response time is not strictly defined.


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