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Write For Techopedia

Techopedia is a website established with the aim to provide insight and inspiration to IT experts, decision-makers in technology domain and anyone who proudly carries nickname “geek".  Techopedia is very complex and well structured. It contains information on various topics such as cloud computing, big data, online privacy, personal technology, technology trends, IT business and data management. The contents of the site vary - from a dictionary of complex tech jargon to articles exploring the latest trends, or tutorials providing in-depth coverage of a topic. Techopedia’s goal is to help the readers understand technology better and, hopefully, make better decisions as a result.

Content Guidelines:

Techopedia accepts guest posts and sets following basic requirements:

  1. The authors are asked to write about novelties in the IT world (something that the readers and the Techopedia have not yet heard about)
  2. The contents need to be interesting and formatted.
  3. Previously published articles will not be accepted. The content must be original.
  4. The articles are subject to editing (grammar or for clarity purposes). The author will be given the opportunity to check the changes before the content is published
  5. Articles should have 600 to 1200 words. The writers are encouraged to get themselves acquainted with Techopedia style (i.e. survey the site).
  6. Writers should avoid being self promotional. Articles include writer’s bio. Maximum 2 off-site links are permitted but must be relevant and informative.
  7. Links and sources of information should be included to support credibility
  8. Author’s bio should be included in the article (maximum 300 words, link to his/her blog or social media, head shot picture 250x250 pixels)

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Security
  3. Big data
  4. Online privacy
  5. Personal technology
  6. Technology trends
  7. IT business
  8. Data management

Submission Process:

Articles are sent directly to editor@techopedia.com. Techopedia team will contact the writer if the post is accepted. Reply is not guarantied due to large number of articles the site receives.


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