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Write For TechGenYZ

TechGenYZ is a website which represents a source of information and news on modern technology, social media, startup, digital innovation etc. From its foundation, the company had a goal to provide technology news, coverage on social media and advise on SEO, startup, and online marketing. The site was intended to become an encompassing technology platform for generation Y and Z.

TechGenYZ was founded in June 2015. The founders recognized the need to collect information on digital innovation and to bring it to the audience since today technology and social media are playing a key role in everyday life. TechGenYZ does not provide only news but also solutions to problems by expert guest authors.

Content Guidelines:

The site publishes guest posts from professionals providing unique and useful perspectives. Authors who consider themselves capable of understanding latest social media, technological and startup trends are encouraged to deliver their articles:

  1. Guest articles usually run approximately 500-800 words but TechGenYZ also publishes longer articles (more than 800 words)
  2. The content must be writer’s own work. Violation of copyright law is not encouraged.
  3. The article must contain relevant information for the readers (aged between 18 and 34).
  4. The article must have a clear point and it should represent an answer to the readers’ quest.
  5. Writers are encouraged to use screenshots and infographics to make the article more compelling. If the writer uses a third party image, it is necessary to give a clear attribution in the article.
  6. The article should not be self-promotional.

Topic Guidelines:


  1. News (mobile, business, gadgets, apps, social media)
  2. Technology (Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Gear, artificial intelligence)
  3. Science (energy, environment, space)
  4. Reviews (smartphone, laptop, smartwatch, speakers, games)
  5. Gaming (augmented reality, virtual reality)
  6. Best practice (contributions, opinion, advertising, project management, marketing- content, email and online marketing, business plan, small business, startup advice, web design, WordPress, how to)

Submission Process:

Articles are sent directly to press@techgenyz.com. The content is subject to the approval of editorial team. Response time is not strictly defined (“as soon as possible”).


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