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Write For Specky Geek

Specky Geek is a website offering actionable tips for making money online. The website is also focused on search engine optimization. It publishes useful advice and information needed to people who wish to develop their skills and become online entrepreneurs. Specky Geek is located in India and it was founded by an online entrepreneur with an extensive experience in this domain. Thus, information, resources, and advice presented on this website are based on real-life experience full of both, failures and success.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Established individual bloggers are asked to contribute.
  2. Articles should have minimum 500 words.
  3. Articles must be original and never published before.
  4. Content must be written in English.
  5. Language should be simple.
  6. Jargon is discouraged.
  7. Posts must be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  8. Images and screenshots should be used where necessary.
  9. Copyright law must not be violated.

Topic Guidelines 

  1. Blogging tips
  2. Guest blogging
  3. Internet marketing
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Making money online
  7. WordPress themes
  8. WordPress and SEO

Submission Process:

Articles should be sent to contact@speckygeek.com

Response period is 2 days.


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