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SEO Nick is a website where all SEO professionals who are building websites and web companies can share their experiences. SEO Nick has been building websites for almost 10 years. The approach this company applies is data-driven, technical and mathematical. SEO Nick uses information architecture and analysis in guiding the projects. This company engineers success and measures the results. This successful internet business relies heavily on an intersection of search and user experience. SEO Nick has worked with both small and international businesses. This company also owns and operates approximately 100 websites used for SEO tests and affiliate revenue.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content should aim to provide valuable insights.
  2. Articles should give advice.
  3. Content must be original and never published before.
  4. Articles should have 1800-2500 words.
  5. Data presented in the post must be backed up links and citations.
  6. Claims presented need to be supported by a link to the specific reliable source.
  7. Writers should include minimum three photos.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Online marketing
  2. SEO
  3. PPC
  4. User experience
  5. A/B testing
  6. Conversion rate optimization

Submission Process: 

Pitches should be sent to services@seonick.net with “SEO Nick Guest Post“ written on the subject.

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