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Write For Screen Rant

Screen Rant was launched back in 2003. It had a humble start but has become one of the largest and most honored sources of information in the world of entertainment. Screen Rant had over 105 million readers in 20155. It is an independent website i.e. it is not owned by a corporation in the movie industry or TV news online.  Screen Rant covers interesting and fresh topics the readers find informative. Editing team gives this news a unique insight attracting a highly diversified audience- from entertainment lovers to hardcore movie addicts. The readers of this website are influencers in the film and TV category i.e. they are people addressed by others for recommendations on TV programs and movies. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Prior writing experience for an online publication is more than welcomed.
  2. Writers should have an extensive knowledge of TV and movie.
  3. Knowledge of online post-production, WordPress and image editing is a plus.
  4. News posts should have minimum 350 words.
  5. List posts should have minimum 2500 words.
  6. Non TV/movies/lists content will not be accepted.
  7. Writers are asked to send a list style sample and samples of previous writings.
  8. Content should be fresh and cover a recent topic.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Movie announcements
  2. Casting news
  3. Production developments
  4. Photo posts
  5. Movies and TV trailers
  6. Entertaining list posts
  7. Game announcements
  8. Game design developments
  9. Game trailers

Submission Process:

Writers are asked to fill in the form available at https://screenrant.com/write-for-us/. Response period is not defined.


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