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Write For Sapiens

Sapiens is a magazine about the human world. It is an online publication. Sapiens was founded in January 2016 with the aim to make anthropological researchers more familiar to the general public. The magazine discusses the way people interact with each other, reasons why we behave in a good or bad manner and how and when did we evolve in the past. Sapiens is about link between laws and ethics, the relation between the life as it used to be centuries ago and the way it is functioning now and much more. This online magazine has a mission to make difference in the way people see themselves and other people. The aim of Sapiens is to provide a deeper and more extensive understanding of human experience by exploring inspirational and exciting ideas. By publishing features, news, reviews and commentaries, this magazine creates a platform research in anthropology and anthropological observation of modern affairs.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles should represent a smart and interesting insight into history, language or culture of the human race.
  2. Submissions are targeted at non-academic audience.
  3. The tone should be fresh, concise and authentic.
  4. Writing in the first person is preferred.
  5. Ideas must be substantiated by anthropological thinking, theories, and research.
  6. Accuracy, fairness, and precision are required.
  7. Content should also be compelling and relevant.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Anthropology in general
  2. Biological Anthropology
  3. Physical anthropology
  4. Linguistic anthropology
  5. Socio-cultural anthropology
  6. Archaeology

Submission Process:

Interested writers should contact Sapiens by following email amanda@sapiens.org. Response period is not defined.


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