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Write For Remodeling Expense

Remodeling Expense is a website devoted to all home improvement enthusiasts and homeowners who want to remodel their house. On this website, homeowners can find actual manpower and material costs. Remodeling Expense also enables the users to calculate productivity percentages, manpower and material costs in their country or region. The financial aspect of home remodeling is, apart from aesthetic form, often considered a key factor in the process. Thus, this website is focused on providing actual cost information. Apart from cost calculator, Remodeling Expense also publishes home and garden ideas and renovation guides.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles can have a form of a tutorial, photo gallery or a video.
  2. How to articles and do it yourself tutorials are also welcomed.
  3. In case of a do it yourself project, writers are asked to deliver all project details, photos, costs and time of completion.
  4. Writers must have copyright permission to publish the images.
  5. General topic ideas should be avoided.
  6. The more specific the article is, the better.
  7. Articles should have minimum 800 words (preferably 1200-1300 words).
  8. Quality is a demand.
  9. Articles must be written professionally and should not contain any grammar or spelling errors.
  10. Content must be properly formatted (headings, subheadings, paragraphs etc.).
  11. Links to reliable sources are welcomed.
  12. Articles must be informational.
  13. Self-promotion is discouraged.
  14. Articles should be submitted in doc format.

Topic Guidelines

  1. Home improvement
  2. Residential interior and exterior design
  3. Landscape and design
  4. Decks and patios
  5. Outdoor structures

Submission Process:

Writers should send 3-5 article ideas to remodelingexpense@gmail.com. Response period is 2 not defined


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