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Write For Relevant Magazine

Relevant Magazine is a leading media platform targeted at Christians in their twenties thirties who nourish the idea that it is possible to change the world. It was founded in 2000 by Cameron Strang. Relevant Magazine features stories on culture, faith, and international living. Stories published are focused on Christ-centered life in its pure form. Relevant, as the name of the magazine, does not imply relevance as a general term, but rather relevance of God in each aspect of human life. The relevant magazine strives to publish content which will break stereotypes and challenge the generation. The aim is to encourage people to engage in a deeper and more meaningful discussion about faith. The purpose of Relevant Magazine and Relevant Media group is to make an impact on culture by giving voice on God’s actions in the modern world.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Fresh and thoughtful commentaries on national and global issues, including politics.
  2. Content must be related to the basic topics this website is concerned with.
  3. Writers should keep in mind the interests of the readers (young people looking for purpose and spiritual truth).
  4. Writers can discuss spiritual disciplines, psychology, and morality.
  5. Content covering noteworthy trends, fashion, film, and music are also welcomed.
  6. Writers should inform on the idea of the article, its length and potential time of completion.
  7. Articles should be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  8. Word formats are preferred.
  9. Writers should state their name and send their photo.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Faith
  2. Spirit
  3. Culture
  4. International living
  5. Relationships
  6. Career
  7. Finance

Submission Process:

Story ideas and features are to be submitted at submissions@relevantmediagroup.com. Response period is 2 weeks. If no answer has been received in this period, the article/pitch has been rejected.


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