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Write For Queen Mob’s Tea House

Queen Mob’s Tea House is an online literary journal. It is an international journal focused on art and writing. Queen Mob’s Tea House is also concerned with criticism of any type of art. The founders intended to create an online platform that brings the social and the creative together. Such platform would be a place where readers could read about and exchange their cravings, heartbreaks and fantasies, the bad and good choices they have made and their contradictions. This website covers a wide range of topics and styles. On Queen Mob’s Tea House visitors can find essays, music, poetry, videos, art, letters, lists, jokes, quotes and much more.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Several forms are welcomed: essays, interviews, and articles.
  2. Writers can also submit write-ups and whatnots.
  3. The focus is placed on music album reviews.
  4. Reviews of music videos will also be published.
  5. Videos/albums reviewed must be worthy of discussion.
  6. Features and comment pieces are also acceptable.
  7. Word count is not defined.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Music (jazz, rap, metal, dance, sound, pop, noise, country)
  2. Music videos
  3. Music production

Submission Process: 

Interested contributors are asked to write at music@queenmobs.com. Response period is not defined.


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