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Write For Politico

Politico is a globally oriented information company. It was founded in 2007. The focus of its activities is located at the intersection of policy and politics. Head offices for publications are located in Washington and Brussels. However, the company is expanding to other capitals in the USA. Politico is characterized by a rapidly growing team of robust journalists covering global politics and policy. The articles published are authoritative and have a unique and reliable perspective, making the magazine useful for people engaged in public affairs. Ever since its foundation, the main goal of Politico was to help, strengthen and empower nonpartisan political journalism. At Politico, they believe that informing readers and making them thereby accountable, is crucial for smart governance.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles must be smart and timely.
  2. Content should be targeted at a broad and well-informed audience.
  3. Both original reporting and opinion journalism are accepted.
  4. Content should put a spotlight on ideas, institutions, and people that matter most in USA politics.
  5. Articles must be exclusive.
  6. Timely and original reporting on events/persons/matters of national importance is welcomed.
  7. New findings that might question conventional wisdom will also be accepted.
  8. Clichés should be avoided
  9. Stories should inform, challenge and surprise the readers.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Policy
  2. Politics
  3. Prominent persons
  4. Most recent political and influential political events.

Submission Process: 

Pitches should be sent to magazinesubmissions@politico.com. Response period is one week.


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