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Write For Paste magazine

Paste magazine is an online magazine publishing content on music, comedy, TV, games, and books. It is also concerned with comics, theatre, design, technology, and visual art. Besides these topics, Paste covers food, drink, politics, media, travel, media, business, science, health, wrestling, and soccer. When it comes to music, Paste has a focus on a wide range of genres i.e. whatever the editing team believes will grab the attention of the readers. This magazine was founded in 2002 and now has over 8 million unique visitors on monthly basis. Paste also has a studio featuring musical performances via Facebook Live. The magazine is also published in printed form under name Paste Quarterly. Paste has become a place for thousands of followers and fans to discover novelties in pop culture.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Any music genre can be covered.
  2. Writers are asked to read previously published articles.
  3. Queries requesting approval of an idea can also be submitted.
  4. Submissions may be subject to editing.
  5. Subjective should be separated from the objective
  6. The writer should have their own voice and express their opinion.
  7. Content must be specific and concise.
  8. Substance supersedes the attitude.
  9. Writers are welcomed to personalize their writing.
  10. Writers are asked to be thorough. Reliable content is expected.
  11. High value is placed on art that has depth.
  12. Content needs to be well researched.
  13. The angle of writing must be original.
  14. Content should be led by a concept of exploration.
  15. Articles must be found relevant to the readers.
  16. In case of an essay, it is possible to deliver humorous, personal or opinionated.
  17. Writers can also send trend stories and reviews.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Music of all genres
  2. Established artists
  3. Independent musicians
  4. Albums
  5. Festivals

Submission Process:

List of mail addresses to which submissions should be delivered, depending on the topic covered, is available at https://www.pastemagazine.com/contributor-information.

Response period is not defined.


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