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Write For Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard is a frequently rewarded magazine targeted at people who are interested in changes in changes in private behavior and public policy. The magazine was founded in 2008. It combines research of politically and socially important issues with reporting, both narrative and investigative. Pacific Standard is published online and in printed form. It offers stories on largest social problems, existing and upcoming, and about people focused on solving them. The magazine deals not only with politics and social matters but also with the economy, education, social justice and environment. Pacific Standard won National Magazine Award in 2015.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Reporting stories, narrative and investigative are welcomed.
  2. Contributors can also send reported features, essays and columns.
  3. Content can also have a form of a feature story.
  4. Content must be well crafted and neatly reported.
  5. The high focus is placed on originality.
  6. Feature stories must be surprising.
  7. The academic tone should be avoided.
  8. Personal essays are welcomed if they are related to a cultural phenomenon.
  9. Writers can also send interviews with figures of substance.
  10. Photo essays will also be accepted.
  11. Any kind of advertisement will be rejected.
  12. Content must be innovative.
  13. Articles submitted will be subject to minor editing.
  14. Writers should familiarize themselves with the magazine in general.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Politics
  2. Economy
  3. Education
  4. Private behavior and public policy
  5. Scholars, revolutionaries, and policymakers fighting for a better future
  6. Social justice
  7. Economy
  8. Environment

Submission Process: 

Pitches should be sent to pitches@psmag.com. Response period is one month.


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