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Write For Our Social Times

Our Social Times was originally launched in 2009. This web site intends to permanently and consistently identify underline innovative trends in what is called the use of social media for business purposes. Our Social Times Marketing developed from this website as a social media agency in 2013. The agency has a growing team and works with many large UK consumers and B2B brands. Our Social Media was relaunched in 2016 with the aim to make space where social media practitioners could share best practices, discuss technologies in social media, emphasize case studies and receive valuable information and resources. This website provides valuable social media news and stories about social media measurement, monitoring marketing etc.

Content Guidelines:

Our Social Times welcomes talented contributors to share their social media expertise.

  1. The site publishes high-quality and original articles focused on social media marketing (primarily concentrated on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram)
  2. Articles must be linked to social media marketing and should be relevant to the brands
  3. Articles should add value to an existing topic and should teach social media professionals something they did not know before
  4. The tone of the content has to be similar to existing posts.
  5. All information cited in the content should be linked to a reputable source
  6. Content must be up-to-date; writers are asked to avoid citing case studies or reports older than two years (unless these were of particular importance to the area concerned)
  7. Self-promotion is not permitted and articles should not contain commercial links.
  8. Authors should avoid the stories previously covered by Our Social Times (unless written from a fresh angle).
  9. The material must be original and cannot be published elsewhere.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. SocialĀ  media marketing
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. B2B social media
  5. Social media advertising
  6. Social media measurement
  7. Social media monitoring
  8. Social customer service
  9. Social media agency

Submission Process:

The web site provides Contact Us Form in Write for Us section, where guest writers provide basic information and state topics they are interested to write about. Response time is not defined.


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