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Write For Opinion Panel

Opinion Panel is an online research panel. It has a paying concept and has been rewarding young people (14-30 years of age) since 2004. The aim of Opinion Panel is to reward young participants for sharing their opinions through online surveys and discussion groups. This website has more than 140 000 members and is still growing. Opinion Panel implements research for large companies, brands, and governments who are interested to hear young people’s thoughts on various topics. This website coordinates with their clients to prepare questions and pays their readers to answer. All information shared remain confidential and anonymous. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content should be current, interesting and fresh.
  2. Articles should be argumentative and well thought out.
  3. Introductory part must be catchy.
  4. Articles should have up to 700 words.
  5. Advices and helpful guides are welcomed.
  6. Writers can also share their personal experiences and stories.
  7. Tone should be bold and authentic.
  8. Writes are asked to include a brief bio, headshot and blog address/social media account.

Topic Guidelines: 

  1. Money making/saving ideas and tips.
  2. Relationships (experiences, stories, advice)
  3. Relatable articles
  4. School/university experiences
  5. Football and other sports discussions

Submission Process:

Articles can be sent to editor@opinionpanel.co.uk or by filling in the form available at https://www.opinionpanel.co.uk/get-published-on-opinionpanel. Response period is 10 days.


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