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Write For NZ Gamer

NZ Gamer is a news and media website targeted at game fans, developers, and designers. It was founded in New Zealand and was initially launched in 2003. This website publishes fresh and most recent gaming news and relevant reviews and previews. NZ Gamer also features interviews and regular competitions. Apart from news and reviews, this website publishes detailed reports on gaming platforms, which is also quite useful for the gamers. The website keeps an active forum where all gaming issues are discussed in detail. Moreover, NZ Gamer enables contributor writers to share their opinions and views.

Content Guidelines:

  1. The website is mainly looking for reviews.
  2. The review must be comprehensive.
  3. The writer must have the ability to set difference between what is important and what is not.
  4. Content must be well written.
  5. Content should not contain any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  6. The conclusion should be clear.
  7. Writers must deliver their submissions timely.
  8. Writers must be concise.
  9. It is important to entertain the reader.
  10. Content must be original and never published before.
  11. Submission should have approximately 800 words.
  12. Score (out of ten) should be given for a particular game.
  13. Writers are asked to include a brief biography.

Topic Guidelines

  1. Game reviews
  2. Game Previews
  3. Features

Submission Process:

Submissions should be sent to writeforus@nzgamer.com. Response period is not defined.


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