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Write For Motion Elements

Motion Elements is a leading marketplace for video makers around the world. It is located in Asia and focused on microstock. Motion Elements offers stock videos, music, effects, Apple motion templates and 3D models. This website was opened because the founders wanted to relieve the creators from commercial pressure and to help them create instead of recreating. At Motion Elements, they claim to understand creators’ needs and challenges they are faced with when trying to find the most suitable resource. Since time is the biggest concern in this search, Motion Elements helps by offering animation clips, background music, templates and 3D models. Digital artists are asked to sign in and upload their works. Retention of copyright ownership is guaranteed.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content must be original.
  2. Links to other sites are welcomed if relevant.
  3. Self-promotion is permitted but must be moderate i.e. proper.
  4. Stories must be interesting to the readers.
  5. Articles should be comprehensive and clear.
  6. Word count is not strictly defined.
  7. Content should cover the subject in a sufficient detail but still, keep the reader’s attention.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Motion creation
  2. Stock video
  3. Music
  4. Tools

Submission Process: 

Interested contributors are asked to write at blog@motionelements.com. Response period is not defined.


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