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Write For Merriam School of Music

This is a website of Merriam School of Music. The School was opened 25 years ago and was, and still remains to be, a leader in the area of music education. It is a prominent institution well known in Canada and United States. Merriam School of Music cooperates with many other leading institutions in the domain of musical education. Its students have the opportunity to enjoy in most advanced facilities of the kind. Curriculum practiced in this school is most comprehensive and holistic. The School is very proud of the advanced technologies made available to the students, such as broadcasting centers, recording studios, highly equipped classrooms etc.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles must be original and never published before.
  2. Articles should have 750-1500 words.
  3. Writers are encouraged to substantiate their statements with examples and reliable resources.
  4. Articles should be helpful.
  5. Content must be inspiring, educational and entertaining.
  6. Articles should be motivational and engaging.
  7. Writers are asked to read samples of previously published articles.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Music (all general topics)
  2. Piano and other instruments
  3. Music educations (research, advocacy, how-to topics etc.).
  4. Music recording

Submission Process: 

Writers are asked to fill in the form available at http://www.merriammusic.com/write-for-us. Response period is not defined.


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