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Write For Love Panky

Love Panky is a website focused on love as the leading force in life. It is dedicated to both, women and men, who are eager to learn more about relationships and love and to understand the finest details of the hart. Love Panky shares useful articles about relationships and love as well as articles about life, flirting and travels. The aim of this website is to help people understand themselves better and to change the romance for the better. This website was started in 2011 and now has more than 7.5 million readers and 20 million page views every month. Love Panky became a leader in the domain of websites concerned with love issues. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content should offer advice.
  2. Writers can share their personal experience.
  3. Articles should help the readers understand relationships better.
  4. Articles must be original.
  5. The article must be related to the topics general categories covered by Love Panky.
  6. How-to guides and relationship tips are welcomed.
  7. The article should be insightful and informative.
  8. The article should be 1200-2000 words long.
  9. Content must be comprehensive and detailed.
  10. It is permitted to add links to credible resources.
  11. If the article is selected, writers will deliver a short description of themselves, photograph and a link to their social media profile/website/blog.
  12. Content should be checked for grammar and spelling errors.
  13. Writers are recommended to keep the paragraphs shorter.
  14. Articles will be subject to editing.

Topic Guidelines: 

  1. Love
  2. Romance
  3. Flirting Sensual Tease
  4. relationships
  5. Understanding women/men
  6. Dating tips
  7. Better life

Submission Process:

Articles should be emailed as a Word document to editor@lovepanky.com with “Article Submission-LovePanky” written on the subject. Response period is not defined.


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