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Write For We Love Cats and Kittens

We Love Cats and Kittens started with a Facebook page publishing favorite cat images, videos, and stories. The page became so popular that founders, encouraged by the fans, decided to launch a website. The aim of We Love Cats and Kittens are to find and publish best of cat stories, pictures, videos, and products. Besides publishing interesting video and photo material, We Love Cats is focused on informative and educational content which can resolve many questions cat owners might have. Thus, this website informs on breeds, health, diet, news, and stories, as well as behavior, all related to cats. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. The article must be original.
  2. The article should have 800-1500 words.
  3. Text should be written from an objective point of view.
  4. Submission should provide valuable information and how- to content to the readers.
  5. Practical advice, useful tips, and know-how articles are welcomed.
  6. Content must be formatted.
  7. Summary of what the article is about should be given in the introductory part.
  8. Writers should include a short bio (up to 25 words) including their website URL, social media pages, contact info and a recent headshot.
  9. Articles should contain many images.
  10. It is possible also to ad source videos from YouTube.
  11. Articles will be subject to editing for clarity.
  12. The article should be sent in Word format. Images should be attached separately.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Cat Breeds
  2. Cat health
  3. Cat diet
  4. Cat behavior
  5. Cat stories
  6. Cat news

Submission Process:

Articles can be submitted using the form available at http://welovecatsandkittens.com/write-for-us/. Response time is one week, or slightly more.


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