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Write For Insteading

Insteading is a website founded with the aim to help people find and pursue a more positive life journey. This positivity, according to Insteading, can be achieved on a global level, if people will generally turn to nature and become more positive for themselves, their neighbors and the world. Since the world has become more sensitive to the need to move away from the fossil fuels, people started making alternative choices concerning the clothes they wear, the products they purchase and transportation they use. Insteading argues particularly for this need to make proper choices in this respect- meaningful instead of disposable, caring instead of neglecting, sustainable instead of unhealthy and community-related instead of selfish. Insteading is focused on gardening, animals, construction, and energy, all from the angle above stated choices.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content should be informative and enjoyable.
  2. Articles must be related to the topics listed.
  3. Insteading welcomes instructional/ how to posts, curated posts, guides, posts representing an introduction to particular topic and homestead stories.
  4. Articles should be well formatted (paragraphs should not exceed 4 sentences in length).
  5. Relevant sources should be linked.
  6. Photographs are expected.
  7. Articles should have 1000-2000 words or more.
  8. Articles should be educational.
  9. Ideas presented should be practical and applicable.
  10. Writers are instructed to write clearly.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Gardening (vegetables, trees, soil building, mushrooms)
  2. Animals (chicken, bees, goats, pigs, ducks, dogs, cats)
  3. Building (small houses, cob, recycled materials, outbuildings around a homestead)
  4. Homestead living (kitchen, food preservation, sustainable living, transportation, non-fossil fuel vehicles)
  5. Sustainable energy (solar power, wind power etc.).

Submission Process: 

Contributor application form is available at https://insteading.com/write-for-us. Response period is not defined.


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