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Ideal Bite

Ideal Bite is a website targeted at both, men and women. It is devoted to promoting healthy living in all of its aspects. Ideal Bite is focused on physical and emotional health, due to the importance of the correlation between the two. Ideal Bite strives to offer bold and informative content to its readers. The aim is to provide actionable and easy to use information and to inspire the visitors to engage in a healthier lifestyle. Ideal Bite is concerned with balance in life, through healthy nutrition regimes, exercise, alternative medicine, and optimal wellness. It also provides useful content on emotional health, eco-consciousness, and relationships.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles must be original and not published anywhere else online.
  2. Word count is not strictly defined but writers should aim between 250 and 800 words.
  3. The tone should be light but informational.
  4. Content should be personalized and as concise as possible.
  5. If links are included, writers are asked to first search Ideal Bite for references.
  6. Lists and numbered posts are welcomed.
  7. Once contacted by Ideal Bite, writes should send a short bio (up to 125 words), a headshot and link to his/her social media.
  8. Images are welcomed; they should be sent as a separate file (writers should include a link to the source if he/she does not own the image rights).

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Balance in life
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise
  4. Latest supplements
  5. Relationships
  6. Alternative medicine
  7. Emotional health
  8. Eco-consciousness
  9. Style
  10. Optimal wellness

Submission Process:

Authors are asked to contact the site using Contact Us form available at http://idealbite.com/contact-us/. If the post is accepted, writers will be contacted within 7 days after submission.


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