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Write For Hostel Bookers

Hostel Bookers is one of widest booking platforms focused on hostels. It is also widely spread on social media and has thus become internationally recognized. This platform is targeted at a highly specific group of travelers- the ones who want to meet the world, make new social connections and live true adrenaline adventures. Hostel Bookers empowers such travelers by providing hostel accommodation since it is this particular type of accommodation that charges social aspect of journeys. More than a half of hostel travelers claim that meeting new people and experiencing different cultures is the most important factor of what is considered a great trip. The aim of the Hostel Bookers is to encourage this type of tourism by providing magnificent booking options and a mobile application to be used during the trip. Website and the application are available in 19 different languages. More than 35 000 properties in more than 170 countries are available for search.

Content Guidelines:

  1. The blog welcomes tips and secrets picked up by travelers over the years.
  2. Stories should be informative, original and unusual.
  3. Writers can submit a top ten list, series of tips, an article about a travel experience, neighborhood guide etc.
  4. Posts should have 600-1000 words.
  5. Recommendations should be focused on budget travelers.
  6. Writers are asked to be specific and to provide a catching insight into a destination or an event.
  7. Writers are asked to get themselves acquainted with the content generally published on this blog.
  8. Content should include useful information such as prices, transportation etc.
  9. Writers should also state their name and send a bio and a link to their website or social media account.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Travel experience
  2. Lists
  3. Festival experience
  4. Survival guides for less traveled locations
  5. Photo essays
  6. Any other interesting and useful view of a travel

Submission Process:

Writers are asked to first send an idea for a post. The contact address is London.Editor@hostelbookers.com. Response period is not defined.


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