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Write For Gyantastic

Gyantastic was founded with the aim to help people start and develop their online business, as well as to run it successfully by applying blogging, internet marketing, and SEO strategies. Gyantastic keeps the readers updated with exclusive tips in these domains. The website is targeted at a wide range of beneficiaries, with a particular focus on fresh-starters and those needing an incentive in the further and more successful growth of their business making money online. Gyantastic offers a large number of blogs starting from the basics such as WordPress for beginners, guides to blogging and SEO, basics of internet marketing and online marketing, to the more subtle matters like application of quora for SEO, positioning of a blog in a highly competitive niche and advice on how to get million visitors per month in less than a year.

Content Guidelines:

  1. The site welcomes articles presenting good business ideas, experiences, case studies or any other form that other people could find helpful
  2. Only well-written articles are accepted.
  3. Articles must be high-quality and present an in-depth knowledge of the topic concerned.
  4. Content should be interesting and formatted.
  5. Word limit is not defined.
  6. There is no link restriction unless the links are irrelevant.
  7. Writers are asked to include their bio and short description of who they are.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. WordPress
  2. SEO
  3. Internet marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. General Business

Submission Process:

Articles are sent directly to ram@gyantastic.com. Response time is not defined.


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