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Write For Goldfischo

Goldfischo is a web site providing information on goldfish as pets. The content on the site is quite diversified. Goldfischo offers information of types of goldfish, goldfish behaviors and their interpretation, their lifespan, mistakes beginners make and more. This website also gives advice on maintenance of the fish tank such as which plants to put inside, which equipment to install and hot to clean it efficiently. Goldficho discusses various conditions and disorders that goldfish can suffer from. This website represents an ever-growing resource of useful data for goldfish owners helping them in providing a safe and long life for their pets. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Posts should have 200-1200 words.
  2. The tone should be conversational and friendly.
  3. Infographics, expert resources, and studies are welcomed.
  4. The article must add value to the readers.
  5. Content should be insightful and actionable.
  6. Articles should be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  7. Content must be original and exclusive to Goldfisho.
  8. Promotional and sales driven posts will be eliminated.
  9. Authors can add 2 links in the article.
  10. Articles must be in Word format.
  11. Writers should send a short bio, image and a link to his/her website.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Advice related to goldfish as a pet
  2. Goldfish food
  3. Fish tanks
  4. Fish tank plants
  5. Air pumps
  6. Filters

Submission Process:

Writers are asked to fill in the form available athttp://www.goldfisho.com/pet-guest-posting/ and to send the article tolinda@goldfisho.com. Response period is not defined.


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