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Write For Gardening Ambition

Gardening Ambition is a gardening blog founded in 2006 by Lucy Clark. At the time, Lucy was a beginner in this area and did not have any necessary skills. However, she didn’t give up and this blog is a result of her gardening journey. There were not many gardening blogs available when she started this journey. Thus, this blog was created with the aim to help all gardening enthusiasts and beginners. Personal experiences are posted and useful knowledge, gained with difficulties, shared. Gardening Ambition helps people pursue their gardening dream and is a great companion in creating a garden of one’s dreams.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Posts must be well written and relevant to the topics.
  2. Content must be completely original.
  3. Writers are asked to include a lot of photos and examples.
  4. Affiliate or selling links are not permitted.
  5. Writers should read other posts published on this blog to understand respective writing style.
  6. Articles must be informative and helpful.
  7. Content must be well formatted.
  8. The tone should be entertaining and informative.
  9. Posts should have approximately 1000 words.
  10. Word count for simple question post is approximately 800 words.
  11. List posts should have approximately 1000 words.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Watering and irrigation
  2. Pruning and cutting tools
  3. Carrying and hauling
  4. Composting
  5. Lawn and yard care
  6. Soils and fertilizers
  7. Ornamental gardens
  8. Edible gardens
  9. Hydroponics system
  10. Pest control
  11. Grass and weeds

Submission Process: 

Main containing ideas for articles should be sent to Lucy@gardenambition.com with Guest Post written in the subject. Ideas should also be sent in the inbox of Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/lucy.gardenambition. Response period is not defined.


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