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Write For Funds For Writers

Funds For Writers is a website which represents a useful tool and resource for writers, irrespectively of their age or whether they write online or not. This website was initially launched in 2000 when the founder, previous administrative director of a small agency, now a freelancer, offered her financial skills to help a group of women who had a hard time dealing with financial aspects of becoming a writer. This website puts an emphasis on how to find financial resources in order to make writing a reliable and realistic career. Funds For Writers provides to the readers a direction in terms of finance. It is focused on competitions, awards, grants, markets, and publishers. Funds For Writers is also concerned with agents and writing jobs suiting individual writing abilities.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Articles should have 500-600 words.
  2. Articles must be concise and have a clear point.
  3. Writers are advised to make their writing tight.
  4. Content must be properly structured and formatted.
  5. Stories about how to write or how to develop a plot are not acceptable.
  6. Writers can send ideas, advice and success stories.
  7. Humour and positive notes are welcomed.
  8. Writers should add a bio.
  9. The article must be written in excellent English.
  10. Content must be original.

Topic Guidelines 

  1. Earning a living as a writer
  2. Ways to develop income with words
  3. Profitable business practices related to writing
  4. Markets
  5. Grant success stories

Submission Process:

Submissions should be sent to hope@fundsforwriters.com

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