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Write For Freelance FAQs

Freelance FAQs is a website targeted at freelancers, irrespective of the sphere they are working in. This website is focused on providing answers to all questions a freelancer might have. These frequently asked questions are most often concerned with how to start working as a freelancer, how to increase the income or how to further develop the freelancing skills. Freelance FAQs represents a guide to the ever more expanding world of freelancing. This website publishes useful posts and shares marketing knowledge. Tips also represent an important segment of the website. All in all, Freelance FAQs is a useful source of information for all freelancers or those who intend to become one,

Content Guidelines:

  1. Experienced freelancers are asked to share their knowledge.
  2. Posts should have minimum 1000 words.
  3. The topic should be covered in detail.
  4. The headline in form of a question is strongly preferred.
  5. Previously covered topics should be presented from a new perspective.
  6. Topics are supposed to be geared towards freelancers.
  7. Any question a freelancer might pose is a potential topic.
  8. Editing team reserves the right to modify the content sent.
  9. The website reserves the right to republish the post.
  10. Posts remain the property of the writers.
  11. Posts should be sent in form of a Word document or as a Google Doc.
  12. Writers can send a short bio with links to their websites/social accounts, photo, and links to samples of previous writing.

Topic Guidelines

  1. Ways to break into freelancing
  2. How to land clients
  3. Different ways to make more money as a freelancer
  4. Tips on how to manage your freelance business
  5. Tips on how to manage your website
  6. How to create better content
  7. Tips for staying productive

Submission Process:

Writers should send their posts to elna@freelancerfaqs.com or fill in the form available at https://www.freelancerfaqs.com/contact-us.

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