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Write For Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is a political magazine launched in 1970. Over the course of almost fifty years, this magazine became one of most influential political magazines of all times. Foreign Policy is proud of its award-winning journalism and is well known for its state of art design and efficient presentation of new ideas authored by influential thinkers. Foreign Policy Magazine is a part of Foreign Policy Group which is a media organization devoted to covering global affairs. Together with FP Events and FP group, this magazine reaches millions of international readers. It has become a reliable source for government leaders, prominent business persons, and academic world. Despite its long history, Foreign Policy Magazine is focused on novelties, innovations and new technologies aiming to use these and create new approaches and to provide a better understanding most important topics at the time.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content should present valuable information.
  2. Articles should be both provoking and surprising.
  3. Analytical content is welcomed.
  4. Narrow topics, technical language, and jargon are discouraged.
  5. Sharp thinking is more than welcomed.
  6. Data presented must be original and witty.
  7. Writes are asked to survey the magazine to understand the style and the concept.
  8. Obvious and commonly covered topics should be avoided.
  9. Articles should not concern the impact of particular topic only in one country.
  10. Articles intended for strictly American readership will not be published.
  11. Articles must be well researched and supported by reliable sources.
  12. Writers should provide their full contact details.
  13. Arguments should be provocative and have approximately 1000 words.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Politics
  2. Political news and events
  3. Prominent political figures

Submission Process: 

Writers are asked to send their ideas to editor@foreignpolicy.com. Response time is not defined.


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