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Write For Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine is a website targeted at modern women who want to improve their physique. It covers extremely wide scope topics and includes numerous articles mainly focused on how to lose weight, improve health and look and feel better. Fitness Magazine informs on methods to exercise any muscle (abs, arms, back, legs), various set of activities contributing to weight loss (running, swimming, Pilates, full body workouts), proper diet to maintain while losing weight (diet plans, weight loss programmes, motivation) as well as recipes diversified enough to meet the needs of any reader. Apart from giving weight loss advice and videos, Fitness Magazine provides overall motivation and support to people interesting in healthier living. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content should provide news in the area of healthy living.
  2. The article must be researched and should include references to the sources.
  3. Articles can also include work out videos or recipes for healthy meals.
  4. Submission must be informative and valuable to the reader.
  5. Videos or slideshows of professional trainers are welcomed.
  6. Authors can also submit a post story related to healthy beauty trends.
  7. Well informed stories and personal essays are also welcomed.
  8. If the author is an expert, he/she should inform on his/her credentials.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Workouts (videos, photos, treadmill, yoga, Pilates, dance etc.)
  2. Healthy eating (recipes, roundups of healthy meals- photos necessary)
  3. Beauty (dermatologists, beauticians, hairstyles)
  4. Health/Mind and Body (well-reported stories or personal essays).

Submission Process:

Articles should be sent to write@fitnessmagazine.com. Response time is not defined.


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