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Write For Fincyte

Fincyte is a digital online platform dedicated to entrepreneurs and small business professionals. The name stands for “the future insights. This website was created with aim to provide updated, relevant and perceptive information about most recent trends in technology and business. Fincyte is targeted at business professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, employees and students. It delivers credible information and enables the readers to be up to date with latest developments.

Focus of the Fincyte is a small business. The site presents most recent startup trends in form of small business news in order to help entrepreneurs succeed. Fincyte wants to provide the readers with high-quality, attractive and informative content.

Content Guidelines:

Fincyte has to Write for Us Program which provides an opportunity for outside contributors to publish their articles.

  1. Articles should be well-researched
  2. Pres releases and irrelevant topic should be avoided.
  3. Fincyte discourages contributors to deliver graphics contents
  4. The content should be attractive and innovative.
  5. Writers are asked to highlight the mandatory facts of their findings and to link the findings with evidence.
  6. The content should be simple.
  7. Too long terms and sentences are to be avoided.
  8. Use multiple headings to make the content easier to understand.
  9. Use innovative words in a reasonable way.
  10. Submit the article in a word file, without images (images are to be attached separately).
  11. Guest post should include contributor’s name, email and social media (include short biography)
  12. An article should be unique and original (no plagiarism allowed; no spelling and grammar mistakes).
  13. Add relevant supporting links
  14. Link to a personal website can be included in the author’s bio.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Small business finance
  2. Make money/ Money management
  3. Small business management
  4. Employment trends
  5. Small business marketing
  6. Sales
  7. SEO
  8. Social media trends
  9. Technology trends
  10. New small business ideas
  11. How to guides
  12. Small business news
  13. Top 10 trends
  14. Small business lists

Submission Process:

Writers should send their topic ideas (maximum 5 for pitch) to admin@fincyte.com.  [GPR: Fincyte.com] must be included in the subject of the mail. If a response is not received within 3 weeks, the guest post request is declined. When the topic is approved, authors sent their final draft for editor’s review. Publishing process may take 2-3 weeks.


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