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Write For Fenix Bazaar

Fenix Bazaar is a website devoted to all “geeks”. This website offers a diverse, accessible, interesting and engaging experience of technology culture. The entire website is guided by the concept that relevant information should be shared by a central voice and through a free discourse. Fenix Bazaar is a three in one website- it is a blog, social network and an online forum where gamers, movie lovers and science and technology fans can meet and share experiences. The name of this website is quite symbolic. Fenix stands for both the mythological bird representing rebirth and game character from Gears of War, while Bazaar represents a closed Persian marketplace where goods were exchanged. Similarly, this is a place where all geeks can exchange fresh ideas.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Writers must be experienced and passionate about gaming and technology.
  2. Content must represent a unique view of the topic concerned.
  3. Latest technology and gaming news are welcomed.
  4. Reviews and strict news are discouraged.
  5. Editorialised coverage is preferred.
  6. Content must be written from gamer’s point of view.
  7. The aim is to support and protect gaming culture.
  8. Writers are asked to share their articles.
  9. Writers should familiarize themselves with posts previously published.

Topic Guidelines

  1. Video games
  2. Technology
  3. Gaming culture

Submission Process:

Writers can either send the pitches to gaetano@fenixbazaar.com or fill in the form available at https://fenixbazaar.com/contact-us. Response period is not defined.


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