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Write For Epic Gardening

Epic Gardening is a website determined to provide online support to gardeners worldwide. It was founded in 2013 and started from a hobby. Since then, it became read by millions of aspiring gardeners all over the globe. The founder initially intended to document his experiences in hydroponics i.e. growing plants without soil. The website is targeted at people who want to grow their own food, learn hydroponic and aquaponic techniques as well as those of urban gardening. Epic Gardening is also useful for people interested in maintaining their houseplants healthy and those who want to learn how to prevent pests, plant diseases, and problems.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Writers should be gardeners themselves.
  2. Stories published should explain the manner in which particular gardening problem can be solved.
  3. Articles should have minimum 1500 words.
  4. Content must be unique and never published before.
  5. The tone must be conversational and content easy to understand.
  6. The introduction should be short, less than 100 words.
  7. Links must be provided to any study, factor statistical data referred to.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Different methods of growing
  2. Advice on how to get rid of pests and diseases in the garden
  3. Tips on how to handle common plant problems
  4. Advice on how to get the most out of your garden

Submission Process: 

Writers are asked to fill in the form available at https://www.epicgardening.com/become-contributor. Feedback is provided within 2 days.


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