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Write For Edreams

Edreams is among the leading online travel agencies in the world. It operates in 33 countries and disposes of the widest scope of products available in the market. Edreams offers more than 155 000 flight routes from more than 450 airlines to more than million hotels in 40 000 destinations. The company is proud to use state of art tools to search flights and accommodations, all with the aim to ensure the best price and largest convenience to its customers. Edreams was founded in 1999 and is based in Barcelona. Apart from offering travel plans, this company is also engaged in advertising services. Website of this company is visited by more than 100 000 people. Many companies recognized this potential and more than 500 companies are now using Edreams as their advertising platform. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Edreams welcomes independent writers who love travel and tourism.
  2. Writers should have an active and interesting blog.
  3. Content must be unique and informative.
  4. Previously published content will not be accepted.
  5. Maximum 1 follow link is permitted, to writer’s website or social media account.
  6. Writers should add a short introduction about themselves.
  7. The article must be revised and free of all grammar and spelling mistakes.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Travel news
  2. Tourism news
  3. Gastronomy
  4. Interviews
  5. Must see destinations
  6. Exciting events
  7. Airline information

Submission Process:

Writers are asked to send their blog post to socialmedia@odigeo.com. Response period is not defined.


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