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Write For Dogmal

Dogmal was founded in 2016 out of love for dogs. Since the foundation, the team has made extensive research and has published detailed tutorials about many dog breeds, pure and hybrid. The goal of Dogmal is to educate as many dog owners or potential dog owners as possible. Since dog’s personalities vary as much as that of people, dog owners find it useful to know what to expect or how to react in particular situation. Dogmal is an extensive base of information on dogs. Visitors can find information on dog care, dog reviews, dog foods, training, photos, dog adoption, puppy care and much more. The site is being constantly improved in order to keep the information fresh and up-to-date. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content should be newsworthy and informational
  2. Article should be trending, heart-warming and/or fun.
  3. Both personal stories and content written by experienced trainers, dog rescuers or veterinarians are welcomed.
  4. Writers are also encouraged to propose a unique topic.
  5. Word count is not defined.
  6. Content must be original.
  7. Writers are asked to deliver a sample of their previous work.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Experiences fostering and adopting dogs
  2. Training tips (for dog training professionals)
  3. Training or working with a service animal
  4. Military working dogs
  5. Common questions regarding dogs’ health (for veterinary professionals)
  6. Dogs helping people, families, and organizations
  7. Stories about the bond between humans, dogs, and other family pets

Submission Process:

Writers are asked to fill in the form available athttps://www.dogmal.com/dogs-write-for-us/. Response period is not defined.


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