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Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips focuses on blogging with the aim to support business development or to build money. Daily Blog Tips gives advice on how to monetize a new blog, how to determine the proper size of blog’s niches, blogging milestones, tricks to enhance any blog post, how to remove broken links etc. The website was founded by Daniel Scocco in 2006 who wanted to share his experience, tips, and tricks acquired during years of experience in buying and selling blogs. The team is composed of experienced bloggers, internet marketing creators, writers and successful web designers. The site is primarily concerned with blog design, blog projects, internet marketing, promotion, CEO, social media, web tools, blogosphere etc.

Content Guidelines:

  1. An article should have 400+ words.
  2. Content must be original and never published before on the internet.
  3. If published on DailyBlogTips, the content must not be published anywhere else in future.
  4. Authors can add one link in the byline.
  5. A guest post should be an HTML document.
  6. Guest post must be formatted (H2 or H4 for subheadings).
  7. Authors must include their byline at the bottom.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Blogging
  2. Internet marketing
  3. Blog design
  4. Blog projects
  5. Social media
  6. Monetization
  7. Web tools
  8. WordPress
  9. Related topics from personal experience

Submission Process:

Articles are sent as an attachment or in the body of the mail directly to daniel@dailyblogtips.com. Response period is 2 weeks maximum.


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