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Write For Cultured Vultures

Cultured Vultures is a website made by writers for writers. It was founded with the aim to help the writers find their audience. Cultured Vultures informs on all tips and advice a prosperous writer might need. At the beginning, this website purely published prose and provided feedback to the writers. However, the activities developed quickly. Now, Cultured Vultures works with writers, helps them with the style, indicate their week spots and help them in making their work seen. This website is now looking for inspired film writers to contribute with their articles, opinions and comments and news. Cultured Vultures promises a feedback and support necessary to make an aspiring writer step into modern publishing. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content must be related to the world of film.
  2. Only recent editions are to be discussed.
  3. Content should be original.
  4. Articles should be informative and fresh.
  5. Word limit is not strictly defined but articles generally have 450-850 words.
  6. Images and referential links are permitted.
  7. Writers should state/ send their name, availability to contribute, pitch or submission and type of article they intend to submit.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Film reviews (only recently premiered or released)
  2. Essays on new movies.
  3. Film news
  4. Casting
  5. Trailers
  6. Lists
  7. Editorials

Submission Process:

Writers are asked to send the submission on jim@culturedvultures.com and/or patrick@culturedvultures.com. Response period is not defined.


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