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Chatter Buzz Media

Chatter Buzz Media is an advertising agency engaged in digital marketing. The agency is data-driven, creative and focuses on brand awareness and generation. ChatterBuzzMedia disposes of set of proven strategies to help its clients accomplish their goals. The team is composed of highly-skilled digital marketing experts, creatives, strategists and technologists who can develop and implement a functional marketing plan that leads to success. The agency is a commitment to provide A class service to the clients. Its team cherishes a constant pursuit for knowledge and promotes a propensity for action. The agency offers brand and product development, digital advertising, brand and marketing activation, custom mobile and web development and campaign optimization including audit and analytics.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Guest articles must be well-researched and should provide smart and innovative advice.
  2. The site welcomes tutorials, case studies a, d posts that offer minimum 3 takeaways
  3. The content must be original.
  4. The text should not have less than 1500 words.
  5. Authors are asked to add supporting facts.
  6. The tone should be informative and casual.
  7. Claims should be backed up by links. Minimum 4-5 image should be included.
  8. The content must be formatted with engaging headlines and short paragraphs.
  9. Screenshots are preferred if the content is explanatory.
  10. The agency reserves all ownership rights.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Social media campaigns
  4. Marketing automation
  5. Analytics
  6. Growth hacking
  7. Conversation rate optimization
  8. Lead generation

Submission Process:

Authors should first fill in “Write For Us” form available at http://www.chatterbuzzmedia.com/write-for-us/ and submit the article along with it, if finished.  Response time is not defined.


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