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Write For Business Fundas

Business Fundas is an educational website with an initiative in business and management. The authors of Business Fundas are full-time educators on best-ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises, who have to blog as a hobby.

Business Fundas is a portal concerned with knowledge management and dedicated to spreading awareness on business management. The initial goal was to create a knowledge portal which will enable easier development of thinking process. Thus, the platform is intended to be dedicated to learning for both, students and practitioners in business management, based on sharing fresh theories, best practices, and latest news.

Content Guidelines:

YSF Magazine welcomes contribution articles. Following guidelines are given:

  1. The article should have between 2000 and 5000 words.
  2. Content must be original, based on research, and not published elsewhere.
  3. Articles submitted by guest authors are permitted to include only one backlink to their home page. Referential links are allowed.
  4. References must be in APA format. Complete list of references is to be given at the end of the text.
  5. Authors should submit their bio (decryption 50-70 words, no links).
  6. When published, the article becomes a property of Business Fundas.
  7. Content is subject to editor’s approval.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Strategy
  2. Marketing
  3. Supply chain,
  4. Technology management
  5. Finance
  6. Insurance
  7. Social media
  8. Digitization and operations

Submission Process:

The content is submitted directly to the editor, email: Editor@Business-Fundas.com with a copy to BusinessFundas.Contact@gmail.com.

Editorial decisions can take 1 month. If the paper is accepted, the site will contact the writer by email. The author is in such case asked to fill in template and agreement document and deliver it along with the soft copies within 14 days.


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