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Boundless is a website focused on family and family values. The goal of this website is to help young adults grow up and develop into a functional, creative and productive individuals. Boundless also aims to help people own their fate. This website is particularly focused on youth and provides advice on how to date with purpose and prepare for marriage. Apart from this website and respective blog, Boundless also has a weekly podcast, all with a goal to challenge modern young people to reject low expectations of the modern civilization and to embrace a biblical approach to all things, including relationships. At Boundless they say that life is a journey and that it is easy to get lost. Thus, Boundless offers to be a companion and adviser on such life journey, a reliable friend, and a mentor.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Blog posts should be original.
  2. The post should have 500-800 words.
  3. Posts must be related to the topics listed.
  4. Content should be written in the third person.
  5. Posts should be written in fresh and engaging manner.
  6. The tone should be conversational.
  7. “Preaching” is to be avoided.
  8. Writers are welcomed to use personal stories as examples.
  9. Cynicism is discouraged.
  10. Clichés are to be avoided.
  11. References should be included.
  12. Articles should be in Word format
  13. Posts should be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  14. Writes should include a brief bio and a headshot.
  15. Once submitted, the content becomes subject to editing. Boundless reserves all property rights.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Faith (spiritual growth, ministry)
  2. Adulthood (being single, career, family, money)
  3. Relationships (dating, marriage, sexuality, community)

Submission Process: 

Writers are asked to send the post to http://www.boundless.org. Response period is not defined.


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