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Write For Booker

Booker is a web platform with experience of hand-in-hand work with thousands of clients. Since 2010, Booker has processed millions of transactions and gained insight into needs of business owners. The platform has expertise in cloud-based management, making it reliable and trust-worthy. Booker enables its customers to sell services online, by means of a website, mobile app, and network of other sites-partners. It was created to facilitate the business by eliminating the need for constant technological updates. The top priority of this platform is to help owners indulge their customers and run their business in a better way. Booking is targeted at small business owners and industry experts.

Content Guidelines:

Booker keeps a blog and welcomes guest articles.

  1. Authors should be professional and experienced.
  2. Articles should have 500-700 words, or more preferably.
  3. Authors should state 3 topic ideas, expressed as specific as possible.
  4. Bio and a headshot are to be delivered; one link in the bio is allowed.
  5. Editors collaborate with authors in selecting the best topic.
  6. Editors and authors draft the outline of the content together.
  7. Once published on Booker, the article can be shared on author’s social media and promoted further.

Topic Guidelines:

Exact topics are not defined. However, Booker is concerned with:

  1. Small business
  2. Startup tips
  3. Guides on how to improve your business
  4. Tips to help people run their business
  5. Marketing networks
  6. Mobile apps
  7. Hospitality
  8. Customer retention
  9. Tech tools to improve business
  10. Social networks in marketing

Submission Process:

Articles are to be sent to content@booker.com. Response time is not defined.


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