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Write For Blog Paws

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Blog Paws was founded in 2009, with the aim to gather pet-focused bloggers and gain respectable online influence. Fist event was organized in 2010 and it brought together pet bloggers all around the world. A community was formed in this way and it has been striving to improve the life of pets ever since. The aim of Blog Paws is to empower pet owners/bloggers and social media advocated in order to increase their influence and create economic opportunities. At Blog Paws, they say this particular website is the most influential and trusted pet community which shares new technologies, enables powerful personal relationships and promotes ideas of its members. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content must be original.
  2. The article must be thoughtful and well written.
  3. Content should be informative, entertaining and inspirational.
  4. Writers are asked to familiarize themselves with the content published on Blog Paws.
  5. Writers will be responsible for any editing directed by blog editor.
  6. Writers are asked to submit a pitch containing a brief explanation of the idea and author’s background (including links to previous writing samples).
  7. Articles should have 350-550 words.
  8. Article must be well structured and formatted.
  9. All posts must contain an image (1102x735 pixels, included by the editor or by the author).
  10. Article must not violate any copyrights or obligation of confidentiality.

Topic Guidelines:

Blog topic are related to social media and other types of marketing for pet blogs.

  1. Content promotion
  2. Social media
  3. Productivity tips
  4. Blogging success
  5. Ways to invest in a blog
  6. Best pet blogs

Submission Process:

Pitches should be sent to editorial@blogpaws.com. Pitch: subject should be written in the subject line. Response period is not defined.


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